How did I get to start my own jewelry label?

How did I get to start my own jewelry label? These and many other questions on the subject of Love Statements have often been asked to me in recent years. That is why I decided to write this blog in the future. In this first entry I would like to tell you a little bit about the history of the label, that hopefully you love as much as I do, as you are reading this blog :).

It all started at the end of 2014, when I decided to start my own little jewelry label: Love Statement. But the story of Love Statement actually began even earlier, as I loved nothing more than to give away homemade jewelry to friends and relatives when I was a child.
For me jewelry has always been a means to express my personality and my passions. On every holiday abroad I bought necklaces, rings, bracelets or anklets as a souvenir reminding me of the great time I had. I always brought home a small piece of jewelry, whether from New York, Dubai or Rome. No matter where I went, I never left without a new piece. More than just souvenirs, these pieces also say something about me. At least that’s how I see it, because every journey also changes us as people, inside. They change us in a way, that stays forever. Impressions, memories, experiences, all of them and therefore also a part of myself are represented by these pieces of jewelry.

So you see, jewelry has always had a high value for me as a means and a way to reveal a part of my personality. Soon, however, it came to the point where I could no longer find the perfect pieces of jewelry, that seemed necessary to me for that purpose in the traditional jewelry shops. I, for my part, was looking for more individual pieces tailored to me at least. At the end of 2014, when I was walking through a jewelry fair out of interest, I suddenly asked myself why I shouldn’t just create the jewelry myself, which brings us right back to the beginning of the story :).

Thus I started creating jewelry which I personally liked in my old childhood bedroom and from there I sent the first products all over the world. When I started out I never had the intention to do this full-time, but what started as a hobby grew and grew, until it became what you know today. That’s how I literally turned my hobby into my profession. I know the sentence certainly sounds trite by now, but sometimes even calendar mottos simply state the truth :).

First I left my other side job behind and finally I gave up my studies too, to dedicate myself and my time completely to the label. I want to give all my customers the opportunity to express themselves through lovingly designed jewelry, which I like to make use of myself.
The business soon outgrew the childhood bedroom as the demand for my products increased. As it turns out, many more people understood what I wanted to tell and create with my jewelry than I could have ever hoped or expected. That’s why I’m writing this blog in my office in Eppendorf right now.

I have all of you to thank for the opportunity to follow this dream, because without you Love Statement would not exist. Therefore I wanted to take the time to thank you for your continuing support :*. I still have a lot of fun developing new designs and concepts to offer you the most beautiful products. Of course I understand that it is a privilege to be able to follow this path and I hope that I can continue to give you pleasure with my jewelry in the future. Soon the shop will get a brand new website in the future and there are many great surprises pending for the next months, which you can look forward to. I hope that you will continue to accompany me on this journey for a long time to come and I embrace you in thought :).

Your Isabell

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